The Single Arm will hold grade in difficult terrain similar to the Parallel Link and floats in a comparable motion as a Double Link. It is the versatile option for tough conditions and speed.



  • Optimal machine cooling
  • Fuel efficient technology
  • Under hood accessibility
  • Tile feeder
  • Rear-step platform
  • Oscillating tracks (Option)
  • 7 degree side tilt (Option)
  • Reel carrier (Option)
  • Central lube station (Option)
  • Telematics (Option)


Standard Equipment

  • 540HP CAT™ C-15 ENGINE
  • Three-Speed Drive System
  • 1st Max: 120 ft/min [2.2km/h]
  • 2nd Max: 240 ft/min [4.4km/h]
  • 3rd Max: 370 ft/min [6.8km/h]
  • Proportional Hydraulics
  • 58 or 65 Link Tracks available with standard or extreme pads
  • GPS and Laser compatible
  • Dual or Single Stick Track Control System
  • 718 Bonfiglioli™ heavy duty final drive 180,000NM
  • State-of-the-art Plus 1® Electronic Over Hydraulic Control System with complete machine monitoring, diagnostics, and feedback to protect your machine for the long term
  • A/C and Heated cabs C/W digital climate control
  • Side mounted cabs to increase the visibility of the work zone and sight line while driving
  • Engine cooling system with auto/manual reversing fans for cleaning during operation in dusty conditions
  • Highest ground clearance in the industry
  • Built-in air compressor
  • Standard or long mole length available with 8″ and 10″ points [20cm and 25cm]
  • Replaceable QT 400 points, groover, top and bottom plates
  • Hydraulic driven, pressure regulated tile feeder
  • GPS arm
  • Machine Weight Range: 68,500lbs – 86,400lbs [31,000kg – 39,200kg]
  • Auto Idle
  • Engine Block Heater


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